AP2012 - International Conference on Horace's Ars Poetica

AP2012 - International Conference on Horace's Ars Poetica
06/09 - 08/09

06. September 2012. - 08. September 2012.

MÚK 4/B 217

09/06 - 09/08

2012. September 06. - 2012. September 08.

MÚK 4/B 217

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Department of Latin at ELTE organized an international conference on Horace's Ars Poetica. The conference program can be downloaded in pdf from here, or can be found below. The conference volume has been published as the 72 (2014) issue of Materiali e discussioni.

Horace's Ars Poetica poses a big challenge to 21st century classical scholars. It is an essential and unavoidable work of literary criticism and reflection on the nature of poetic composition and reception, relevant to work in several disciplines. It is also a poem composed in a period of Classical literature which one may rightly call a “golden age” of Augustan literature. As recent scholarship has shown, the works belonging to this literary period attest an exceptional awareness of the intertextuality, narrativity, and fictionality of poetic texts. The explicit aesthetic ideas expressed in the Ars Poetica do not, however, seem to line up perfectly with the level of reflection encountered in other poetic texts. The Ars, it seems, does not discuss issues of poetics and literary criticism which from our retrospective point of view might most interest modern scholars. The main goal of our conference is to reconsider the position of the Ars Poetica in the literary and cultural practice of the Augustan age, and find new ways of handling the tension between Augustan poetic theory and practice.


6 September

9.00—9.10     Opening the conference: Balázs Déri (Head of the Department of Latin, ELTE)

1. Session
chair: Zsigmond Ritoók (Budapest)

9.10—9.40     Philip Hardie (Cambridge): The Ars Poetica and the Poetics of Didactic
9.40—10.10   Péter Hajdu (Budapest): The Ars Poetica as Pure Poetry
10.10—10.30 Attila Ferenczi (Budapest): The Teacher's Persona
10.30—11.00 discussion

11.00—11.30 coffee break

2. Session
chair: Michèle Lowrie (Chicago)

11.30—12.00 Jürgen Paul Schwindt (Heidelberg): Ordo and Insanity. On the pathogenesis of Horace's ars poetica
12.00—12.20 Zsigmond Ritoók (Budapest): Aut prodesse volunt aut delectare poetae
12.20—12.40 József Krupp (Budapest): How to Write an End (of an ars poetica)
12.40—13.10 discussion

13.10—14.30 lunch

3. Session
chair: Philip Hardie (Cambridge)

14.30—15.00 Isabella Tardin Cardoso (Campinas): Why, lover, why? Why do words die? Ephemera and Poetic Licence in the Ars
15.00—15.20 Dániel Kozák (Budapest): (Re)designing Achilles after Horace: Reading AP 120—124 with Ovid and Statius
15.20—15.40 discussion

7 September

4. Session
chair: Isabella Tardin Cardoso (Campinas)

10.00—10.30 Michèle Lowrie (Chicago): Politics by other means: legal language in the Ars Poetica
10.30—10.50 Luigi Galasso (Padova): The Ars Poetica of Horace in Ovid's exile poetry
10.50—11.10 Ábel Tamás (Budapest): Reading Ovid Reading: The Metamorphoses as a "Literal Implementation" of AP 1—30
11.10—11.40 discussion

11.40—14.00 coffee & lunch

8 September

5. Session
chair: Jürgen Paul Schwindt (Heidelberg)

9.30—10.00   Casper de Jonge (Leiden): Horace and Dionysius. Composition in Augustan Rome
10.00—10.20 Imre Kőrizs (Miskolc): How to write lyrics? (After having written it)
10.20—10.40 Gábor Bolonyai (Budapest): Ore rotundo – a phrase reborn in the Renaissance
10.40—11.10 discussion