Framing poetry - international conference

Framing poetry - international conference
22/06 - 24/06

22. June 2022. - 24. June 2022.

MÚK 4/B, Géza Alföldy room

06/22 - 06/24

2022. June 22. - 2022. June 24.

MÚK 4/B, Géza Alföldy room

The Departments of Latin and of Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies organize an international conference, titled Framing Poetry: The Dynamics of Inside and Outside in Ancient Poetic Texts. The conference, which is part of the research project The Margins of Ancient Lyric Poetry (NKFI FK 128492), aims at investigating the question of 'framing', much studied recently in the context of ancient art, with relation to literary texts, without limiting discussion to paratextual phenomena.


The conference program (pdf) and the abstracts (pdf) can be downloaded or read below.

Framing Poetry: The Dynamics of Inside and Outside in Ancient Poetic Texts

International Conference at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

Budapest, 22–24 June 2022

Conference venue: ELTE Faculty of Humanities, Building B, 1st floor, Géza Alföldy Room


22 June, Wednesday

10.00–10.10    Opening the conference

Panel 1    Chair: Tom Geue
10.10–10.45    Michael Squire (King’s College London): ‘Picto limite dicta notans: Framing Poetry and Picture in Optatian’
10.45–11.20    Péter Agócs (University College London): ‘Frame, Setting, Rhetoric and Genre: The Symposion as a Context for Sung Praise in the Fragmentary skolia of Pindar and Bacchylides’

11.20–11.40    Coffee

Panel 2    Chair: Attila Simon
11.40–12.15    Joseph W. Day (Wabash College): ‘Framed and Framing: The Verbal Dynamics of Epigrams, Monuments, and Contexts’
12.15–12.50    Judit Beszkid (ELTE Budapest): ‘The Art of Competition: The Agon as a Performative Frame in The Contest of Homer and Hesiod’

12.50–14.30    Lunch break

Panel 3    Chair: Margot Neger
14.30–15.05    Attila Simon (ELTE Budapest): ‘Framing Reading, Reading Framing: The Rhetoric of Mediality in the Writing Tablet Scene in Euripides’ Hippolytus 856–890’
15.05–15.40    Philip Hardie (Cambridge): ‘The Letter-Carrier, Inside and Outside Verse (and Some Prose) Epistles’

15.40–16.00    Coffee

Panel 4    Chair: Philip Hardie
16.00–16.35    Attila Ferenczi (ELTE Budapest): ‘Old Picture in New Frame: Petronius the Framer’
16.35–17.10    Tom Geue (St Andrews): ‘Out of Frame: Apocolocyntosis and the Limits of Scholarship’

23 June, Thursday

Panel 5    Chair: Attila Ferenczi
10.00–10.35    William Fitzgerald (King’s College London): ‘Framed by a Condition: Opening a Poem with If’
10.35–11.10    József Krupp (ELTE Budapest) & Kathrin Winter (Heidelberg): ‘Inner Framings in Latin Lyric Poetry’
11.10–11.45    Barna Dobos (ELTE Budapest): ‘Framing aitia: Poetic Complexity and Mixing of Genres in the Stories of Anna Perenna (Ov. Fast. 3.523–696)’

11.45–13.00    Lunch break

Panel 6    Chair: William Fitzgerald
13.00–13.45    Bernadett Kárpáti (ELTE Budapest) & Anna Emese Kerti (ELTE Budapest): ‘Meanings In-Between: Gellius Noctes Atticae 7.16 and 19.10’
13.45–14.20    Dániel Kozák (ELTE Budapest): ‘Framing in Commentary – Commentary as Frame’ 

24 June, Friday

Panel 7    Chair: Joseph W. Day
09.30–10.05    Margot Neger (University of Cyprus): ‘Framing Verse Inscriptions in Ancient Epistolography’
10.05–10.35    Péter Somfai (ELTE Budapest): ‘Framing a Fragment of Accius’ Medea sive Argonautae in Cicero’s De Natura Deorum 2.89’
10.35–11.10    Ábel Tamás (ELTE Budapest): ‘Acrostics and Telestichs as Textual Frames in Latin Literature’

11.10–11.25    Closing the conference

The conference is organised by the research project ‘The Margins of Ancient Lyric Poetry’ (NKFI FK 128492) and supported by the Scientific Council of the Eötvös Loránd University and the Faculty of Humanities.

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